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For the same concept behind the trademark All-Align which was designed for people that find themselfs hard to fit in with younger people and worrie about joining a guild for some raiding and when kids or reallife crosses they have to cancel and could get negativity from within the guild. (We do not negativly feedback your absence! this is an example of one of the many things that happen within a guild. We are not focused on progression we are mearly doing this in the concept of All Align. (GROUP BASED GAMING IN YOUR OWN PACE ) we offer many other group based games and we offer a voice server for the chatty people. that would like to feel more interractive with a good voicechat. you can find some of the games/servers we host/play on our portal.

Social concept:

how ever you feel like playing the game there is always something more fun were the people have your playstyle if its socializing or anything else in wow. Everyone in the guild can create an event for people to join if its to farm something as in achievement or something completly diffrent. we only hope that people help eachother out when they got time.

Raiding concept:

We run all our raids in personal loot we might get less but atleast what you win is yours and noone can complain that they might have deserved it more because you came in one raid and they were here for a full 100%. but those kind of players we would not keep in the guild anyhow since that is not our mindset. We raid for the social aspect and for your characters progression when you cant gear any further in the world outside raiding, or just an evening filler when you want a little bit of a challenge.

Guild history:

The officer statused people within the guild are friends we met over the years and are well over 30 years of age dating back from vanilla! we only decided this year (2016) that we would come back together and raid hang out and have fun.